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Landless Natives of Ketchikan, Inc.


June 9th the organization had a public meeting for the purpose of its annual elections. A new board has now been elected. June 12th the new board has seated its board members into their offices. The new board is as follows.

President                                         Randy Williams

1st Vice President                           James A Llanos Sr.

2nd Vice President                          Cynthia Taylor

Secretary                                         Elma Guthrie

Treasurer                                         Barbara Pearce

Director                                            James A. Llanos Jr

Director                                            Frederick Williams

Director                                            Mary Guthrie


New Form for those that should be on Landless List but are not

Form Letter to BIA
Where you born before 1971 and should be apart of the Landless of Ketchikan. But according to Sealaska you do not have Original shares and you do not qualify. There by making me Landless but a left out? This is a form letter that you can fill out in hopes of correcting that. Afterwards mail to: Bureau of Indian Affairs - Alaska Region
Tribal Government Services
Attention Tribal Operations
3601 C Street, Suite 1200
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Adobe Acrobat document [76.1 KB]

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are voted into office, usually on a 2 year cycle. Click here to view your current board of directors and their contact information.

Our History

To learn more of our history, that is the history of the 5 Native Communities and Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act click here 

Our Connections

Here you will find various connections and links to other people/organizations. Such as the Landless Umbrella Corporation History, Senators, Congressmen, Local or State officials as well as supportive native organizations. Click here

Current Bill

The current Bill in Congress for 2017 - 2018 is located here as of April 2016 we have only months left before the current session of Congress ends. If our bill does not pass within that time the entire cycle will have to begin again. Click on the Link below to download/view the current bill in Adobe .pdf format

S.1481 To make technical corrections to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, and for other purposes.
The latest bill in Congress, there are many sections of this bill. the section that pertains to the landless is section 10
Adobe Acrobat document [327.3 KB]

Bills and Information

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